When you first sign up an apprentice you will need to select an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) ECQN is an approved End Point Assessment Organisation for the Health and Social Care sector.

ECQN will register the apprentice for the End Point assessment to be undertaken at the end of the apprenticeship. ECQN will also provide sector resources to help them prepare.

 Once the Training has been completed and the apprentice, employer and the training provider agree that the apprentice is ready, they then enter the Gateway. The Gateway is where we will check that the apprentice has completed a programme of learning and formative assessment. They will also have needed to have completed their functional skills and other relevant qualifications.


Once the Gateway has been completed and all the criteria has been met, one of our professional independent End-point assessors will be in contact to introduce themselves and schedule a date and time for the End Point Assessment.

Assessment will then take place in accordance as agreed with the assessment plan and with the apprenticeship standards and our own internal policies.

Results will then be issued to the apprentice and the employer. There may be an opportunity to undertake a re-sit if neccessary and if accordance with the apprenticeship standard.

 ECQN will then inform the Education & Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) that the End Point Assessment has been achieved.They will then issue the certificate directly.